Mana Beauty Spirit


For some months now, I’ve tried my best to avoid unnecessary chemicals, fragrances and sulfates in my cleansers, serums and moisturizers. I’m excited about this post because I’m going to share about a brand recently introduced in Pakistan. Mana has a well-researched product line based on cosmetic science and aromatherapy. The brand is committed to creating only fresh, organic, and cruelty-free products. I’ve been testing two of their products for over 3 weeks, and I’m happy to share my opinion.

Bliss Balm Cleanses, Tones and Moisturizes

This cream is a powerful moisturizer. The natural antioxidants properties and vitamins combined with essential oil produce and maintains skin suppleness. I use it as a mask once a week by applying it on the face, keeping for 10 minutes, and then gently washing off with warm water. The results are great! My skin is noticeably cleaner, brighter and healthy after every use. I didn’t notice any irritation, so I’ll definitely continue using it with joy. The balm has a broad use and can be used not only for your face but also for the lips, hands, and any dry, dehydrated, and eczema-prone spots you’d like to soothe. Bliss is suitable for dry, dull, and mature skin types that lack moisture instantly making the skin revitalized and smooth.

Forever Young Face Serum-Cellular Repair & Rejuvenation Face Serum

Proper hydration is critical to clear skin. That’s he unique formula penetrates deeply, restoring moisture, clarity, and glow to your skin.The texture is gorgeous and the aroma is subtle and beautiful. Despite its rich ingredients, it feels surprisingly light. I felt that it was gentle and easily absorbed, and doesn’t leave my skin oily afterwards. My skin feels smooth, moisturized and refreshed after use. I’ve not been using it long enough to see if it fades some of the pigmentation I have, but I can 100% say my skin seems to be so much happier in the morning. The serum comes in a dark blue glass bottle with a dropper. it’s non-sticky, and my skin feels silky and comfortable after using it.


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