Sapphire closes Day 2 with their debut collection Totem

A total of 10 designers showcased their unique collections during the second day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017.

The second day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017, was held at a local hotel, where the who’s who of the fashion and media industry were seen lending full-on support to this prestigious platform. Four high-street brands and six designers showcased their distinct prêt collections on Friday.



With so many colours all around, Cynosure stood out with its monochromatic vibe. The classic combination of black and white was modern and assertive. Collection Two Sides of the Same Coin used embroideries, prints and colour blocking on beautiful chiffon, Swiss voile, Cambric etc. The simple yet elegant designs like logical stripes, grids and flattering vertical planes were good to look at and not in your face. You don’t have to worry about the colour combination complimenting each other since black and white are the two sides of the same coin.


Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain showcased her spring/summer 2017 collection Dreamer on the second day of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. She brought forth the vibrancy of summer. We saw shades of yellow and pink which were the perfect palettes for summer wardrobe. The collection spoilt us for the many options we now want. The cuts were clean and simple that were perfect for summer ahead. The stunning Iman Ali walked the ramp for Faiza Saqlain.


Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani presented her contemporary luxury prêt collection Debut Alchemy. We saw deep tones and gold embroideries that added depth to the outfits. The silhouettes were fun, flattering and very wearable. The designer played around with ruffles that we absolutely loved. It’s always a treat to see what Tena Durrani has in store for us.


Shiza Hassan

Shiza Hassan showcased her spring/spring collection titled Lolita. We witnessed a breath of fresh air in pastel colours. This one collection was a pleasant sight with variation in colours, silhouette and detailing. It was a star studded runway for Shiza Hassan. The much anticipated movie of the year ‘Chalay Thay Sath’ cast walked the ramp for the designer.


March by Ali

This was the most promising collection by a new comer. March had some of the finest creations in denim, from day time wear to a jazzier look at night. The collection ‘inauguration’ was inspired by sea foam, loud mascara, and jazz music. It brought out the diversity in denim. You can dress it up or dress it down. Definitely looking forward to more of their showcasing.


Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan presented her spring/summer 2017 prêt collection Summer of Love. We saw a lot of fringes and frills over loose flowy and statement sleeves; this collection was a bang on all the summer trends and hit all the right notes.


Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan presented a collection titled Revisiting Heritage. His collection paid homage to age old rich values and traditions. Impeccable indeed. The highlights were the pieces that had layering. It’s always good to see designers bringing something new and interesting to the runway.


Ethnic by Outfitters

The ‘street-style’ collection by Ethnic revolved around upbeat fashion and was inspired by the contemporary culture of urban street people. The dresses had beautiful detailing with embroidery. We’re in love with the funky shades and the sporty chic influence we saw in them. We can’t wait for this collection to come in-stores.


Cross Stitch

The colour palette for Cross Stitch collection is sure to brighten up the summer wardrobe. The sparkling embellishments with intricate detailing made quite a statement on the ramp. A very wearable and practical collection!



Sapphire’s collection was eagerly-anticipated. And like always, Totem was worth all the wait and time. All the fierce details of roaring tigers on the shirts were a statement in itself. The oriental undertones were perfect for summer outfits. A clean and contemporary collection from Sapphire!

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