Rendezvous with Sania Hasnain Ali and Alyzeh Rahim

Making our summer wardrobe preparations fuss-free, convenient and fun

All under one roof!

Dolce Vita & Exhibit Summer Expo 2017, scheduled to take place in Lahore tomorrow (Thursday) brings an incredible summer exhibition of the season to make our summer preparation process fuss-free, convenient and fun all under one roof.

The Exhibit Summer 2017 will be spread out across the marquee with dedicated stalls for each participant to showcase their work and for visitors to experience a flavour of almost all aspects of summer: from choosing the right clothing, to knowing what jewellery and make up styles are trending.

The summer expo will have many top and upcoming designers exhibiting their latest summer collections. Élan will be exhibiting their latest lawn designs and summer prêt and semi-formal wear too. All the expos would be special in some way or another, but this will be very helpful to all the women who want to get their complete summer wardrobe under one roof.

Sania Hasnain Ali and Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi are the co-founders and directors of ‘The Exhibit’ and ‘The Exhibit Summer 2017’.

Sania and Alyzeh created ‘The Exhibit’ brand, hosting eight sold out exhibitions in Lahore for fashion and accessories with over 10,000 visitors per event. The Exhibit now has a permanent concept store at the prestigious Gulberg Galleria in Lahore.

We, at Daily Times, asked the duo about their journey and how it all started. “We both have our own brands, Boho and Magicosmetix. We wanted to have an exhibition together and asked a few other designers we knew and that’s how we planned the first Exhibit. It’s been a lot of hard work, but fun at the same time. We enjoy working towards all our expos now.”


Both the talented ladies told us how they believe time management is key. And one needs to have a great team and be organised with everything. They also added how they come across many challenges from day to day, but take it in their stride and try to overcome them.

“It’s very important for everyone to work because it’s teaches you so much and it’s important for women to work because we believe Pakistani women have so much potential and talent. It’s good to see them use it and make this country a better place,” they added while talking exclusively to Daily Times.

It’s never easy being a mother, trying to juggle business with a family life. But Sania and Alyzeh seem to be doing a great job managing all three: business, social life and family. Though, both the ladies give all credit to the strong supportive family system, that motivates them to do better and understand the time and effort a business entails.

Published- Dailytimes



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