Reviving Heritage

Instagram Muse Show displays coveted brand’s Aasman Talay Sitaray collection
Directed by Rehan Bashir, the fashion show was nothing less than a stunning display of some exquisite designs.


The flowery aroma took the spell bound audience back to an era of heritage and traditions, where they found themselves captivated by the view of the most intricately-designed dresses elegantly draped on beautiful muses. Rano’s Heirloom’s collection Aasman Talay Sitaray featured designs that enhance the beauty of a woman, bringing to life their fun, vivacious and strong personalities.

Undoubtedly, this collection is for a woman who celebrates family traditions with a permanent undertone of innovation and creativity.

The materials used were crape, silk, georgette and net. Each and every dress was unique in its own way with both heavy and light embroideries as well as floral and striking jamavar. If you ever dreamt of dressing up like a princess or a diva, these dresses are just for you. The designer stayed true to her philosophy of timeless designs that have a staying power. These garments were not crafted to be temporary. They are never anything considered to be a fad or a trend. If you want your clothing to have that timeless look, one that is as fresh today as it was yesterday, and would be as relevant tomorrow, Aasman Talay Sitaray is the collection to look out for. Rano’s Heirlooms has used styles and colours that are classic and traditional, that have been created to last, in style, colour and materials for generations.

There is a value associated to exquisite quality. Perfect craftsmanship is always appreciated on a garment, old or new. It seems that Rano’s creations are entrenched in these ideas. Each garment utilised a craft, such as embroidery or embellishment, that were made with a truthfulness to our cultural roots that instantly gave them more longevity and value. Each piece was highly desirable and imbued with emotion.

It was valuable to see how the brand has clothed women from all walks of life, transforming both the way they look as well as the way they feel. She proved with her beautiful show the philosophy that every woman is born to exude elegance and style; her designs focused on enhancing the beauty of all women, celebrating every shape, size and age.

The collection has pieces that could adapt to any bride’s style, with an array of timeless separation that could be mixed and matched for the perfect wedding day. From trendy girls who want to make a statement in soft colours or an edgy bride who wants to rock it in the traditional bold colour, to a classic girl who is looking for the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary fashion, the collection encompasses all.

Rano’s Heirlooms is reviving heritage and creating style that can be valued by generations to come. They don’t make an effort to create garments that are currently the trend, but strive to create what is timeless, functional and can not only be worn but can also be viewed as art.

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