Checking In From Chicago


Usually when I’m in Chicago I spend most of my time with family and there’s not enough time to explore the city. But this time I made an expectation and explored one of my favorite cities. So these pictures are from a super casual afternoon spent exploring Chicago, in one of the most comfortable knit and my perfect white pants I got from forever21 and insistently fell in love with.

Cobalt blue is one of those magical colors that suit everyone. It is strong without being overbearing, and so can be worn head-to-toe, or just one piece for an injection of dazzle. With summers right around the corner any blue item in any blue shade is simply perfect. It sends me right into the blue sky and turquoise oceans. Cobalt blue looks so rich and powerful it’s a major statement.  It can turn an outfit sophisticated, elegant, and Mediterranean style (blues & whites).  This combination works, if you’re more on the girly, uber feminine muted colors side.







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